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Once again we have the very great pleasure of speaking with Mr. Koshiro about his stunning work on Shenmue, just prior to the game's North American release.

Rocketbaby: What was your inspiration for the music of Shenmue? ?

Yuzo Koshiro: I got all inspirations from Shenmue's beautiful graphics.

RB: How does your Shenmue music compare to your other music?

YK: Shenmue's music can't be compared to any other music of mine. All other composition processes (and backgrounds) are quite different from what I have experienced at Sega's sound room. This is the first time I used headphones to create music. That was very tough for me:( )

RB: How long did it take you to write your Shenmue music?

YK: The Shenmue project was running for over 4 years. I joined them for the last one and a half years.

RB: How did you approach arranging Shenmue's music?

YK: I took great care trying to match the sound colors of the original work. I did not want my arrangements to sound like the work of a hack.

RB: How closely did you work with the other Shenmue composers?

YK: Takeshi Yanagawa and Ryuji Iuchi are the best partners. I sometimes exchanged composition ideas and opinions with them. Mr.Mitsuyoshi was our leader, and his smile is cute :)

RB: How was it to work with Yu Suzuki and what did he expect of your music?

YK: Producer Yu Suzuki suggested the direction Shenmue's music should take. I always tried to understand his intentions and was careful that my compositions would not stray away from his ideas. I think he likes my music.

RB: What is next for Yuzo Koshiro and will you be working on Shenmue 2 (tentative title) ?

YK: I won't work on Shenmue 2. I've got another project at my company, Ancient. The project is on Dreamcast. It's a very brand-new title!

RB: Is the new Dreamcast game a sequel or something totally new?

YK: It's a new title.

We would like to thank Yuzo Koshiro for taking some time from his busy schedule and we look forward to chatting with him again. To read our earlier mini interview with Mr. Koshiro click here.





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