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Born: December 12, 1967 Tokyo, Japan Favorite Food: Indian Curry Favorite Movie: Star Wars

You can visit Mr. Koshiro at his companies website http://www.ancient.co.jp were you can down load some of his MP3's. This site is Japanese/English.

Rocketbaby: Who are you're influences?

Yuzo Koshiro: I am influenced by many styles of music: pop, rock, dance, techno and classical. If it is good I will listen to it.

RB: How did you become involved with Actraiser?

YK: It is difficult to remember, but I wanted to use the sound system of the S-NES and produce good orchestral sounds. The kind of music that we have never experienced before in a video game.

RB: How about Streets of Rage?

YK: Again it is hard for me to remember specific details. As I am a fan of house, techno, black etc. I wanted to incorporate them into a video game because these styles had not been previously heard in video games.

RB: Any thoughts on Revenge of Shinobi?

YK: Revenge of Shinobi is the first chance I had to make a relationship with SEGA. As far as the music for the game I wanted to meld dance music and traditional Japanese instruments.

RB: Speaking of SEGA, Ancient is helping out with Shen Mue? (Ed. Mr. Koshiro has contributed many musical tracks to the game)

YK: Yes, 10 people from our staff were helping the Shenmue project until last spring. Now only 3 people from are staff are working till its end.

Updated 2/00

RB: Did you work on the music for Shenmue?

YK: Yes, I did music for Shenmue. About 15 songs are written by me.

We would like to thank Yuzo Koshiro for taking some time from his busy schedule and we will have some more from him in the near future.

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