, an online destination for unrivaled coverage of global interactive entertainment, announced today its exclusive interview with famed actor Christian Slater and his involvement with the latest film-to-video game release, “Alone in the Dark.” Along with costars Stephen Dorff and Tara Raid, Slater provides insight into the film’s development and his thoughts on the popular trend of film development and video game crossover. The segment, which includes additional interviews from the movie’s lead screenwriter and game’s producer, suggests the marriage of the two industries aids technological advances, including computer generated images and motion captures. The coverage also includes game play footage from a number of related video games, including Alone in the Dark (Atari), The Matrix: Flight of the Osiris (Infogrames), House of the Dead (Boll KG/Mindfire), Resident Evil Zero (Capcom Eurosoft) and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (Eidos). delivers fresh insight into one of the world’s most dynamic industries — interactive entertainment. Having produced over 700 hours of original games and entertainment television programming over the past two years, is quickly becoming a powerhouse for games-related broadcast content on a global level. Online, offers interactive entertainment like no other service by bringing together a mixture of diverse, user-friendly content to satisfy every gaming appetite. With one of the most advanced studios in the world to produce the finest games television content available, crafts a series of video-on-demand Web episodes for its online audience. Additionally, a thriving community hub of chat rooms, online message portals,profiles, forums, league and tournament play and an extensive browser games library keep site visitors connected through a unique portfolio of options. Whether online or on screen, provides definitive games coverage for a global audience.

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