CHRIS VRENNA has been tapped to compose an original song for the upcoming MATRIX
II : Enter The Matrix video game.


The title of the song will be "Take The Pill". A top producer, composer and remixer,
VRENNA is known as one of the founding members of Nine Inch Nails as well as for
his current TWEAKER incarnation (

Acclaimed for his work in motion pictures, VRENNA has worked with U2, remixing
"Elevation" for the Tomb Raider soundtrack as well as remixing P.O.D. "Set It
Off" for The Scorpion King, Drowning Pool's "Bodies" for the xXx soundtrack,
Gavin Rosdale's "Adrenaline" for the xXx soundtrack and the song "Fire Fight"
for the recent Cradle 2 the Grave movie staring DMX and Jet Li.

As a producer and remixer, Vrenna has also worked with Weezer, COLD, Nelly
Furtado, Xzibit and Rob Zombie amongst many others.

On his participation with Enter The Matrix, Vrenna says "For me, it does not get
any better than this. I am a huge fan of the Matrix movie and from what I have
seen so far with the videogame, it's going to be amazing. When they asked me
to get involved, I dropped everything to contribute."

Vrenna is currently recording a new album under his alter-ego name TWEAKER.
The follow-up Tweaker album will be released in early 2003 on iMUSIC /
Waxploitation / BMG

"Take The Pill" will be made available as a limited edition blue vinyl 7" on the
Kabuki Digital / Waxploitation label.

According to, Enter the Matrix will be released for all
major platforms (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC) on May 15, 2003, the same day as the
release of the film The Matrix: Reloaded.



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