(March 17, 2003)-Torrance, CA-Gutsoon! Entertainment, sister company to
Japan based Coamix, has set June 2003 as the month for the release of an
extensive slate of new graphic novels to U.S. book stores. Following this
year's launch of Gutsoon's first graphic novel, Fist of the North Star, the
four additional titles will result in a minimum of twenty-five new graphic
novels being released by Gutsoon! for 2003, with more titles to come!

* Fist of the North Star Master Edition: (Art
by Hara Tetsuo, written by Buronson) Produced in explosive color! Volume
number four premieres in June and is the continuation of the epic story of a
man named Kenshiro who roams in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, seeking to
protect the innocent from evil, with the ultimate assassin's fighting style,
known as Hokuto Shinken.

Price: $17.95

* Fist of The Blue Sky Art by Hara Tetsuo,
story by Horie Nobu, advisor Buronson) The prequel to Fist of the North
Star, premieres in June. It is just before WWII, Kasumi Kenshiro hides as a
quiet, absent-minded professor teaching literature at a small women's
college in Tokyo. Once the 62nd Grand Master of Hokuto Shinken, "God Fist of
the North Star," and known has Yan Wang, or "the King of Death," who
preserved the peace in the "City of Devils." A fighter of thugs and drug
dealers, Kasumi seeks anonymity and a quiet life until the death of his
lover, and former brothers, forces him to return to Shanghai to fulfill his
destiny and avenge the deaths of his associates.

Volumes 2 and 3 will be released in August
and November.
Price: $9.95

* City Hunter (written by Hojo Tsukasa) will
be the second new graphic novel title to premier in June. Featuring a time
when the dark alleys of the Shinjuku District in Tokyo are filled with
uncontrollable crime. Citizens seek the help of the "City Hunter," a sure
shot professional gunman who never misses his target with his Colt .357

Volumes: 2,3, and 4 will be released in July, September and
Price $9.95

* Slam Dunk (by Inoue Takehito): Also
premiering in June, Slam Dunk is the internationally popular basketball
story of the Shohoku Prefectural High School basketball team, and their
newest star player Sakuragi Hanmichi, who's also the newest freshman
delinquent. A novice on the court, and in love, Sakuragi learns to master
the game and will play to bring the national championship to Shohoku and
true love to his heart.

Volumes 2, 3 and 4 scheduled for release in
July, September and November.
Price. $9.95

* First President of Japan: (written by
Tsugihara Ryuji, Hidaka Yoshiki) The company's 4th title to release in June.
20XX and Japan's economy suffers as the country's government begins to fail
due to inadequate politicians. Seeking a dramatic restructuring of its
fragile political system, the nation elects Sakuragi Kenichiro - a man
educated in America- to be its first President. Given decision making powers
the equivalent of a U.S. President, the young politician is faced with
several international crises, including the invasion of North Korea into
South Korea and China initiating attacks on Taiwan. As the "First President"
he struggles against phenomenal challenges and along with his "fighting
cabinet," Sakuragi works to reform Japan.

Volumes 2, 3 and 4 schedule release for August, October and
Price: $9.95

"These are exciting manga titles," said Horie Nobuhiko, CEO of Gutsoon! "We
are pleased with our release schedule for the year and are looking to double
our graphic novel distribution in 2004. "

Additional Gutsoon! Entertainment titles planned for a 2003 release include:

* Baki The Grappler (by Itagake Keisuke)
scheduled to premiere in July, additional releases in October and December.
The story features a 17 year-old martial arts fighter who enters the high
stakes world of championship fighting. Driven by a dark, mysterious secret
from his past, Baki is determined to become the most powerful champion in
the world, no matter what the cost. Written and drawn by martial arts expert
and champion Itakgake Keisuke, Baki The Grappler, is legendary in Japan for
being the most accurate martial arts manga ever produced. Price $9.95

* Bomber Girl (by Niwano Makoto): a single
volume only. Scheduled for an October release, this Sci-fi-action is mixed
with black humor and stars the hottest manga star to hit America. Taking
place in the not too distant future, Tokyo has become a city of chaos
riddled with crime. From this chaotic mix comes a sexy but manically
hilarious bounty hunter named Rashomon Emi, aka Bomber Girl, who often gets
so enthralled in her work she ends up killing the criminals before
collecting a bounty! Price $9.95



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