The Complete Guide to Game Audio:
For Composers, Musicians, Sound Designers, and Game Developers


Written by

Aaron Marks

318 pages CD included

This book is a very comprehensive guide into the world of game audio. It is written by a man
who has had long experience and knows the world of game audio first hand. Because of the
authors long experience in game audio, one will find many resources in this book that will benefit
any person looking to pursue a career in the audio gaming world.

I wouldn't just recommend this book to the person pursuing a career with audio in games, but I
would also recommend this book to any person looking to be part of the creative process for
games, as this book touches on that subject and many more in great detail.

For example there is a whole chapter devoted to understanding industry contracts and terminology.
This chapter provides much information on how to set up payments and how to go about creating
and reading contracts. I think this is very important, one wouldn't want to sign a contract for a
game there about to compose with out understanding everything there is on the contract there
signing, one might accidentally sign something and find out later they don't agree with the contract .

There is also a chapter just for developers, a great idea! I believe it is very important for a developer
to have a better understanding of hiring the audio department for a game and knowing more about
the creative output behind the audio in the game. A developer should have an idea on how long
it takes to create the music and sound effects for a game, they should also be aware of standard
payment for these services.

The Complete Guide to Game Audio is truly an indispensable resource for those interested in a career
in the game audio world, I can't recommend it enough.

Reviewed by Steve-O

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