Photo courtesy of From Software
Yuki Ichiki

Born: August 10, 1972 Osaka, Japan
Musashino Academia Musicae
Favorite Drink:
Red Eye
First Game:
King's Field 4
Favorite Food:
Driving (Though I don't have a car)
"Shinsengumi Keppuroku" (Japanese novel)
Favorite Game(s):
UFO, Chu Chu Rocket

Favorite Movies:
Drugstore Cowboy, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Sound Tools: Sound Forge 4.5, Samplitude 2496, TRITON-Rack, POD2.0

Credits Include:
King's Field 4 (PSX2)
Murakumo (Xbox)

RocketBaby: At what age did you become interested in music?

Yuki Ichiki: When I was 4 years old, I started taking violin lessons and that made me
interested in music. The first song I composed was "I'm tired of raining", I guess. It was
during a summer vacation when I was 8 or 9 years old and it had been raining for many

RB: How did you get started in the game making business?

YI: I was just lucky. I had no experience or knowledge about a game making business
but the company found my music interesting when I applied.

RB: What is your process for creating music?

YI: I have two processes and it depends on the situation. One is that I just wait until a
good melody occurs to me and then I create rhythm and accompaniment. Another is
that I get an interesting melody by chance when I'm operating a computer and then I
put the melodies together. For Murakumo I First created the entire music in my mind
and then input in to my PC.

RB: What kind of music did you create for Murakumo?

YI: I imagined a guitar rock music of 1980s to 1990s.

RB: What was most difficult problem creating the music for Murakumo?

YI: Since I like to create a complicated music, creating simple and hot music was the most
difficult problem.

RB: How did you over come the limitations of the hardware creating the music for Murakumo?

YI: Murakumo is our first Xbox game and we haven't seen the limitations of the hardware yet.

RB: If you could change anything about Murakumo's music, what would it be?

YI: It would be the order of the music. It could have been more exciting game if the order
was different.

"Creating music does not depend on where I am."
-Yuki Ichiki 2002

RB: What inspires your music?

YI: There isn't one thing in particular; rather, a lot of different things give me inspiration.
I tend to come up with tunes when I do things that are not part of my daily routine, like
traveling. But even during my everyday life, I come up with tunes when I’m emotionally
moved. By looking at a beautiful picture, scenery, tasting something delicious, scents that
bring back memories, happy and sad things… Anything that moves my emotion gives me

RB: What kind of Environment do you create your music in?

YI: At my desk in the company office, wearing a shirt and putting on a tie.

RB: Do you ever seek the advice of the other From Software Composers? Is there competition between the From Software composers?

YI: Of course I do seek the advice of other composers. They are the first people who listen
to my music. There could be a competition between the composers because we are all creators,
so we sometimes become sensitive about the music of the other composers, but it's hard to see
a serious competition.

RB: What advice would you give to those who want to create music?

YI: High grade PC and music devices are now getting cheaper these days, and it helps
us to create high quality music by yourself. But you cannot rely on PC or music devices
completely because the most important thing for creating music is your sensitivity and
imagination. Please mellow and train them. The senses will help you very much in the future.

RB: Any final thoughts?

YI: The sound track of Murakumo will be released in near future. I hope many people who
like the music of Murakumo listen to it.

A big thank you to Mr. Ichiki for taking the time to chat. Thanks to From Software and Noriko.




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