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Tamiya Terashima
Tamiya Terashima


Born: April 10, 1958 Kumamoto, Japan
High School
Favorite Drink:
Shochu (distilled liquor made from sweet potatoes, rice or wheat)
Favorite Food:
Yakisoba (chow mein)
Favorite TV Show:
Discovery channel
Favorite Music:
Kate Bush, Debussey, James Horner
Favorite Movie:
Edward Scissor Hands, Star Wars, Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Hobbies: Tennis. I don't have specific hobbies, however, spending time with my family and friends is the most precious time for me over all. I like go out to see (or find out) "something", and have fun. Traveling, taking a walk, and observing/meeting people could be my hobby. I like people of the world.

Official website:
http://www.dd.iij4u.or.jp/~tamiya/ (J)
E-Mail: tamiya@dd.iij4u.or.jp

Samples @ Mr. Tershima's site
Music samples from Key the Metal Idol @ VIZ (Mostly arranged by Mr. Terashima)

Studio gear and sound tools: PC---Mac Soft---Cubase 4.1 Sound tools---E-mu, Roland, Yamaha.

Film- The Boy Who Saw the Wind, Sweet Sweet Ghost, SAWADA, Nanmin Road.

TV Drama- Hanamura Daisuke, Gekka no kishi, Onna kyoshi, Birthday, Iguana no musume, Minami's Sweet Heart, Tadaima Manshitsu.

Animation- OVA The Mask of Glass (Garasu no Kame" in Japanese), OVA"Key The Metal Idle, OVA Plastic Little, OVA Y's Tenku no Shinden, OVA Dragon Slayer, Omishi magical theater Risky & Safty (televised).

Show- Theme Park in Nagasaki, Japan---HUIS TEN BOSCH, Musical---Dreaming, Concert---JASRAC presents Summer Music Festival, JCAA presents BGM no shikakenin tati.

Vocals- Rika Matsumoto "Arino mama no watasi de, Toko Huruuchi Slow down," Junko Iwao "Tenohira no uchu," Kyoko Higami, Haruna Ikezawa "pourquol?," "q'est-ce que c'es,t" "Poe et moe/fole gras," "Chocolat."

Games- Y's V orchestra version, Symphony Y's '95 Falcom special BOX '92, "94, and "95, Perfect colection Y's "tenku no shinden II and IV," Symphony Dragon Slayer Vol.2 Perfect collection, Brandish Wizardry;VI and V(arrange) Wizardry;Rirugamin sahga, Wizardry; New age of Rirugamin Dai senryaku expert.

Projects- Tea party ongaku yakai, Basara original album, El original album, Hakkenden original album, Yu-yu-hakusyo music battle part 3, Glan Rova Story II, Penguin no osama original album Amaterasu image album, Anime Complex/Opening Ending Theme.

Other- School songs




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