Photo courtesy of Shinji Hosoe
Shinji Hosoe

Born: August 28, 1967 Gero Hot Spring, Gifu, Japan
Computer graphic vocational school
First Game Worked on:
Dragon Spirits
Favorite Drink:
Alcohol, especially spirits
Favorite Food:
Sea Urchin, all sea foods
It is the same as music and work. Back drinking.
All techno artists and synthesizers artists.
Favorite TV Show(s):
News, I seldom watches television, because game play is always carried out. :)
Favorite Movies: I will be excited if a sword and sorcery movie comes out. Favorite things are "Highlander"
and "Brave Heart."

Troubador Records
Super Sweep
Megahan's Hell

Credits Include:
Technic Beat
Ridge Racer
Bushido Blade
Street Figher EX
Ever Blue 2
Driving Emotion Type S

RocketBaby: At what age did you become interested in music?

Shinji Hosoe: At the age of 8 I was in to, the "Planets" which Mr. Isao Tomita recorded.
I was very impressed.

RB: How did you break in to the game business?

SH: NAMCO, LTD., I was acting as a part-time game tester. Then, I succeeded in infiltrating into a development post. The first game I worked on was the music of Dragon Spirits. My composition experience began from here. In those days time was short. However, NAMCO, LTD. did not think that I was making music as I was working on it secretly. I was supposed to be a part-time CG artist.

RB: Can you describe your music while working @ Namco?

SH: They were only wonderful games. I especially like the games of the 80's and 90s. Although
arcade games have many special things, it made work pleasant. My favorite game is TEKKEN. The
game play was carried out secretly in the dead of night. Moreover I like Ridge Racer too.

RB: How did you begin working with Takayuki Aihara and Ayako Saso?

SH: Ayako is the newcomer who came aboard when I did my company movement.
Takayuki has been making unique arrangements of my music for a long time.
I was very impressed when I first heard his original stuff and we have worked together
ever since.

RB: How do you work together as a unit?

SH: Usually, the command is automatically done by a superior official.

RB: Please share your thoughts about the following composers:

Takayuki Aihara- The classic simulation using the synthesizer which he makes is very wonderful.

Ayako Saso- She is very dexterous. She knows a lot about music and can write any style of music.
I want to follow her example.

Hitoshi Sakamoto- His music is very unique -- I like his music. It is very sexy. He is my number one drinking friend.

Yasunori Mitsuda- His sensitivity is very wonderful. The depth of his musical knowledge about Northern Europe has charmed me very much. He is one of the musicians you respect.

Yuzo Koshiro- He is smart. I respect him very much. His musical sense is very good. How do you become as good as him?

Nobuyoshi Sano- He has the view which looks at fashion. He is always creating a new sound . He is wonderful.

RB: Please tell us about O. M. Y.

SH: We made O.M.Y. immediately after reproducing Yellow Magic Orchestra. I wanted to hear older Y.M.O. It was decided that we parody Y.M.O instead of copying Y.M.O. It is technopop music. It is accidental although it is said that Y.M.O. is resembled. It is not related to a game at all.

"I get angry working too much."
-Shinji Hosoe 2002

RB: Please tell us about Troubadour Records?

SH: Troubadour is a double bonus for us, but it also doubles our debt. We wanted to create a label for you to listen to our music which is not related to games. I want to release music overseas. However, since my foreign language is weak, it is difficult. (Hint: Cocoebiz has started selling Super Sweep. Click the logo under the menu.)

RB: Why do you create music?

SH: For us music is the food we eat and the air we breathe.

RB: What is your process for creating music ?

SH: I create my music at my house or the companies studio. When the whole musical images comes into my mind, the rest is easily materialized.

RB:What are some of your favorite game you worked on?

SH: It is difficult for me to comment on my many works. Each is a wonderful game. My two favorite works are music from Street Fighter EX and Cyber-Sled. As for me, it is pleasant to make the game music for arcades. I will be excited if there is a restriction of hardware.

RB: Which game console or arcade system have you enjoyed working on the most ?

SH: It is Namco's System2. It is my favorite because it has an excellent sound driver.

RB: What is your fondest memory working in the game business?

SH: I like the wrap parties. :)

RB: What advice can you give to those who want to create music?

SH: In general music composition is easy, but time is required to study music. You must be creating music all time and make sure all your actions feedback to the music. It is important to make music without giving up and to observe the sound.

RB: What is in the future for Shinji Hosoe and Sweep?

SH:The future is not visible. I want to create music for the games of various genres. A target is to create game music until I am very old. Many of my friends know people who resign from music composition, but I think it is best to create music throughout one's life.

A big thank you to Shinji Hosoe for taking the time to chat.




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