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Tsukasa Saito
Tsukasa Saitoh

Born: March 23, 1975 Fukushima, Japan
Saitama University General Education
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Food:
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movie:
Quentin Tarantino
Favorite Game: Soccer games
Influences: Friends
Hobbies: Watching TV
Studio Gear: Studio gear-Roland JD-800, Roland S-760, E-MU Proteus2000, YAMAHA O1V, MOTU micro express
Sound Tools: Tools-Steinberg Cubase VST, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge

Website: http://www.fromsoftware.co.jp (J/E)
Email: webmas@fromsoftware.co.jp

Kings Field IV (sound producer)
Armored Core 2 (sound producer, composer)
Eternal Ring (sound producer, composer)
Evergrace (composer)
Frame Gride (composer)
SPRIGGAN -Luna Verse- (composer)
Echo Night 2 (composer)
Shadow Tower (composer)
Echo Night (composer opening music)
Armored Core Master of Arena (composer)

RocketBaby: At what age did you become interested in music?

Tsukasa Saitoh : I became interested in music when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. I joined a brass band. When I was in 10th grade I bought a synthesizer and studied by myself and started writing music. The first song I wrote was like house music.

RB: When did you do start working at From Software?

TS: I started working for From Software in February 1998. I was looking for a job after college related to music and found their ad.

RB: What is the best aspect about being a staff composer?

TS: Having the way to express one's own music is a positive aspect and losing private time is a negative aspect.

RB: What were your influences for Armored Core 2?

TS: It was Mijk van Dijk. I have listened to his CD's so I was happy to work with him. He raised my spirits.

RB: Did you work closely with Mijk Van Dijk and what did you think of his music?

TS: I met him only once when he visited our office, but he was still a very nice person. He answered so courteously to my poor English questions. I like his music. We had an Armored Core 2 releasing party at a club and Mijk was DJ. It was really exiting and fun.

RB: How long did you work on Armored Core 2

TS: I worked on AC2 as a sound producer for 3 months and wrote 7 pieces. I had as much freedom as I wanted.

AC2 "Shape Memory Alloy"AC2 "Whiz Drop"
Click images to hear Real Audio samples

RB: Why do you create music?

TS: I'm not sure, I haven't thought about it so seriously before. But I can say creating music is one of the ways to express myself.

RB: What are your strong and weak points as a composer and musician?

TS: That's a hard question. Maybe getting my ideas into shape quickly is a strong point, but it can be a weak point sometimes.

RB: What were your first impressions of the PSX2?

TS: I was surprised that I could use a much bigger size of data than the PSone. I was like, "Hey, are you really sure that I can use that much data for sounds?"

RB: Which is your favorite console (all) to work on and why?

TS: Of course PS2. I can do many things with it's greater capacity for sounds.

RB: How did you create the music for Eternal Ring?

TS: I composed the main theme first, and then I composed the other stuff by listening to the main theme as a motif. That's why many songs of Eternal Ring have similar phrases.

RB: What were your influences for Eternal Ring?

TS: There are not so many influences but I tried to use woodwind instruments like flute and oboe.

RB: What was it like working on Eternal Ring?

TS: I worked on Eternal Ring all the time and wrote 12 songs. I think I had the same freedom as Armored Core 2. The only request made by the producer was to have the melody easy to remember.

Eternal RingEternal Ring

RB: How do you think the music for Eternal Ring turned out?

TS: As I told you before we had the same melody as a motif. It gave unity to Eternal Ring's music even though the composers are different (Keiichiro Segawa and Yuji Kanda are the other composers). I don't think it's inferior to any other RPG soundtracks in the unity of music and expressing the view of that world.

RB: How closely do you work with other From Software composers?

TS: Very closely. We always work together in one room.

RB: What is the future of game music?

TS: Right now, I think game music is for people who have played or like games. If getting music from the Internet becomes more popular and easier, others who are not interested in games would have an opportunity to listen to it. I hope that not only game players, but all others will enjoy listening to game music.

Echo Night "Opening Theme"
Click on image to hear Real Audio music sample

RB: What is your favorite From Software game that you have worked on and why?

TS: It's Armored Core 2. This kind of game is really fun to play. I worked as a debugger but I almost forgot about it when I was competing with others. I also think I composed my best music for Armored Core 2. I like to compose this sort of music and I'm satisfied with its quality.

RB: Any advice for those who want to create game music?

TS: You should listen to many kinds of music because you can get many ideas. Let others listen to your music and get their impressions.

RB: Any last words?

TS: I will be very pleased if you become interested in our games and soundtracks by reading this interview. I hope you will have fun playing our games, so please try them!

RocketBaby would like to thank Mr. Saitoh for taking time to answer our questions. Special thanks to From Software and Noriko Ozaki.

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