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Naoshi Mizuta
Naoshi Mizuta

Born: January 24, 1972 Kochi Prefecture, Japan
Chiba University, Law & Economy Major
Favorite Drink:
Tomato Juice
Favorite Food:
Favorite Game:
Policenauts and Metal Gear Solid (I hardly play games.)
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movie:
Blase Runner

Hobbies: Watching Movies
Influences: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Official website: No Personal Website
Squaresoft, TokyoPop Soundtrax
E-mail: TokyoPop Soundtrax

Street Fighter Zero (Alpha)
Parasite Eve II

Naoshi Mizuta's interest in music began to bloom when he "...was in the second or third grade." Continuing his musical avocation throughout college, Mr. Mizuta wrote his first song as a senior, while studying law and economics. While working as a composer for CAPCOM, Mr. Mizuta answered a Squaresoft recruitment advertisement in 1998, and was subsequently signed on. His first assignment for SQUARESOFT was to compose the music to the eagerly awaited Parasite Eve 2. Mr. Mizuta has adeptly created a score that equals the immensely popular soundtrack for the first game (by Yoko Shimomura).


RocketBaby: How long did you work on Parasite Eve 2?

NM: I worked on Parasite Eve II for about one and half years. There were many requests, but I had quite a lot of freedom.

RB: How did you approach writing your themes and what did you use as your influence?

NM: I watched the scenario and the images repeatedly. I was influenced by not only the action films but films of all different genres.

RB: What were the hardest and the easiest aspects about arranging Yoko Shimomura's original Parasite Eve themes?

NM: The arranging was not difficult because Ms.Shimomura's original tunes are clear and strong.

"I think Mr. Mizuta's arrangements are very nice, because they are sophisticated and have the appropriate mood. He used a lot of phrases which I composed for the original Parasite Eve game, so they remind me of my tunes and I'm glad."

~Yoko Shimomura~

RB: Certain Parasite Eve II compositions ( such as "Ghost Town") have an alternative rock sound. Do you have any alternative rock influences?

NM: I hardly listen to rock music. It's a very interesting opinion that you think it has an alternative rock sound!

RB: How do you think Parasite Eve 2 compares to your other work?

NM: It's hard to compare them, but I think I did a good job.

RB: How does it feel to have your music officially released in the USA? ( Parasite Eve II OST TokyoPop Soundtrax tpcd 0200-2)

NM: I'm very interested in what kind of impression my music makes on people.

RB: Why do you create music?

NM: When I listen to good music, I feel I want to compose music like that.

RB: What are some positive and negative aspects when creating music in Japan?

NM: I've never worked in foreign country, but I think it may not be such a big difference

RB: Do you admire any video game composers? Who and why?

NM: Because I hardly play games, I hardy have a chance to listen to other game music.

RB: Square has so many amazing composers. Did you feel any pressure when creating the music for Parasite Eve 2?

NM: Though I felt some pressure, I was encouraged by many people.

RB: What are the positive and negative aspects when working for a company like Square?

NM: The Positives--- The quality of games are good. The Negative--- The tendency to stay indoors.

RB: How do you think game music compares to other genres of music?

NM: Fitting the music with images is very similar to film scoring. But on the other hand it's quite different from film scoring in that what kind of scene will the player go to next.

RB: What are the positive and negative aspects when creating game music?

NM: The Positives--- The images help me. The Negatives--- The number of tunes tends to increase.

RB: Do you perform your music live?

NM: I don't think I'm fit to be a performer of live music.

RB: What is your next project?

NM: It's a secret.

RB: Any advice for people who aspire to create music?

NM: I'm still training to make music. I don't have enough experience to give advice to people!

RB: Did you ever get any advice from Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series)?

NM: I've never had advice directly from him, but I think I've gotten influences from the faith in his service.

Translation by Yuko Takahashi

RocketBaby would like to thank Mr. Mizuta for taking time to chat with us. Special thanks to David Ponak (TokyoPop), TokyoPop Soundtrax, Squaresoft and Square Sounds

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