Photo courtesy of From Software
Kota Hoshino

Credits Include:
Evergrace (PS2/1995)
Evergrace 2/Forever Kingdom (PS2/1998)
Armored Core 2 (SNES/1994)
Cookie & Cream (SNES/1996)
Echo Night(PSone/2002)

RocketBaby: How does Rune's (USA: Lost Kingdoms) music differ from your other music ?

Kota Hoshino: Evergrace had only one composer which was I, but Rune had several composers to make popular appeal and different kinds of music. Every experience from previous games helped me to deal with the situation. For this time, I learned how to keep my balance. For example, when to relax or when to make strong effort.

"At first, I created the rhythm, and then I put
some appealing phrases on it."

-Kota Hoshino 2002

RB: How did Rune's scenario and settings inspire your music?

KH: The scenario and setting didn't matter. The atmosphere of the map inspired me, and I tried to
make suitable music to the map.

RB: What was the most difficult part creating Rune's music?

KH: As Rune is our first Gamecube game, there were a lot of difficult parts but collecting ideas and requests from the staff and arranging them are the most difficult. The good part is that I gained a lot of know-how from creating Rune's music.

Did you feel any pressure to give Rune a particular sound?

KH: The rhythm and the melody were the points to create particular sound. I didn't feel a lot of pressure to compose music, but as it was the first time to create music for Gamecube, I felt pressure
to create Gamecube sound.

RB: What is your favorite part of Rune's music?

KH: The impression of the flute. I think it went right. I piled up various sounds of the flutes and edited by software.

RB: Any final thoughts?

KH: Rune is very fun game. Using the cards is very interesting. We hope you will enjoy playing it.

A big thank you to Mr. Hoshino for taking the time to chat. Thanks to From Software and Noriko for their help.




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