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Once again, we have the very great pleasure of speaking with Mr. Hoshino about his score for From Software's Evergrace 2.

Web address: From Software (J/E)

RocketBaby: How satisfied were you with the music from the original Evergrace?

Kota Hoshino: I'm satisfied that the response was exactly what I imagined.

RB: How does Evergrace 2's music improve upon the original game's music?

KH: It's really hard to tell. I would like to ask the listeners.

RB: What are the most important elements of Evergrace 2's music?

KH: I tried to express the immature energy of youth.

RB: . What are the important elements to your music for Cookies and Cream?

KH: It is the melody. I tried to make it easy to remember so it would haunt the player's memory.

RB: How does your music for Cookies and Cream compare to Evergrace 2's music?

KH: An important point of the music for Cookie and Cream is the melody as mentioned earlier. Expressing the original atmosphere and air by sound is an important point of Evergrace 2's music.

RB: What style of music is harder to compose for; Cookies and Cream or Evergrace 2

KH: They were both hard to compose but I cared to put unique air and sound in Evergrace 2's music.

RB: How would you like your music to evolve?

KH: I feel my music is blocked up somehow, so I'd like to take it out.

RB: What kind of music are you listening to today?

KH: I listen to many kind of music. I guess I often listen to Jazz music lately

RocketBaby would like to thank Mr. Hoshino for chatting with us again. Special thanks to Noriko Ozaki and From Software. To read Mr. Hoshino's previous interview with us click here.


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