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Naofumi Hataya
Naofumi Hataya

Born: November 13 Saitama, Japan
Rikkyo University
Favorite Drink:
Orange Drink
Favorite Food:
Curry Rice
Favorite TV Show:
Beverly Hills 90210
Favorite Game:
Favorite Movie:
First Rotta

Check out the official websites for:

Space Channel Five (E/J) website.

Roomania #203(J) website

Major Credits: Sonic (Sega CD), Virtua Racing Deluxe (32X), Sega Rally (SS), Nights (SS), Burning Rangers (SS), Roomania #203 (DC) and Space Channel 5 (DC).

RocketBaby: How did you start working for SEGA?

Naofumi Hataya: I have been in a band since I was a student. I did not think that I would want to have music as an occupation. Although, I did want to increase my music skills, so I tried to find employment at a music related company.

RB: How did you get the Space Channel 5 Job?

NH: I sat next to Ms. Tomoko Sasaki who was in charge of the presentation of the first sound plan. I recognized that the music would be really important to this game so I became immersed into the game's universe.

RB: How long did you work on SC5?

NH: For about two years.

RB: How was it working with Tetsuya Mizuguchi?

NH: It was difficult to communicate with him until we developed a good trusting relationship. He has an overwhelming power as a producer, and I think I could work in a good environment that has good tension.

RB: How much influence did Tetsuya Mizuguchi have on your music for SC5?

NH: The Sound of Space Channel 5 consists of a lot of factors. I could talk details all day, but I think the biggest part is that he affected the total image.

RB: What was the most difficult aspect of writing the music for SC5?

NH: It was difficult to express the universe and tastes of each character. Also to compose complex music there were many restrictions, combined with the difficulty of fitting the music to the game itself. It was hard.

RB: Did other musical games influence your work?

NH: More or less. But the music is really different from other music games so I feel that I have composed and created something new.

RB: How did the look Ulala influence your work?

NH: I think that her spiritual side, movements, story and universe influenced me more than her looks.

RB: Were there any changes to the music of SC5 for the US release?

NH: No particular changes for US release. There is no borders with music.

RB: What is your favorite song from SC5?

NH: The main theme "Mexican Flyer". It is a licensed song that we used everywhere.

RB: How does it feel to have your music heard around the world?

NH: I cannot realize it myself. Though when I hear my music in town, I feel really happy. But I also feel that I have a responsibility to the music.

RB: What are your previous credits?

NH: I was in charge of many titles from the time of Master System and Mega Drive. For the Saturn, I was involved with Sega Rally, NiGHTS, Burning Rangers etc. For Dreamcast I was in charge of ROOMMANIA #203. I am also in charge of many music CDs.

RB: What is your favorite song that you have composed?

NH: For work, I consider the success of the total sound design for each title. So I cannot decide on a single song. Although three of my songs for Burning Rangers was really impressive for me. Great NY musicians played these and I feel very successful. For my private music, I have a band with some friends called AT. I feel I can truly express myself in that forum.

RB: At what age did you become interested in music and when did you first start composing?

NH: I became interested in music when I was twelve and started composing when I was sixteen.

RB: Can you explain the positive and negatives for writing music for the Dreamcast?

NH: I am very proud to be in charge of Sega's creation (Space Channel 5). It has high quality and is very original. With the Dreamcast I can challenge myself musically in many ways. I hope many people buy Dreamcast so that they can enjoy our creations. It takes a long time to create one game, so it is very important to us how our creations are accepted by the public.

RB: Who are your musical influences?

NH: Black music and sampling music.

RB: What are your life influences?

NH: Communication between humans, work and playing.

RB: What are your hobbies?

NH: Movies, Animation, TV, Internet, Playing at band, Traveling, Shopping, sometimes horse races.

RB: Can you tell us the advantages for working for a company like SEGA as opposed to being a freelance composer?

NH: It is that not only we can share complex technical knowledge, but also musical expression.

RB: Is there a lot of competition between the Sega composers to get the best assignments?

NH: Yes there is. Each one pushes their best points and achievements.

RB: Any advice for novice composers?

NH: If you are composer for game music, I think you should compose music for games: Interactive parts, overwhelming productions, expressions that have strong relationships with games. If you want to compose music just to appeal to yourself, I suggest working someplace else. I hope we can effect each other with our music.

RB: What is your next project?

New game sound company.

NH: I am sorry. I cannot say anything at the moment. Lastly, in July we created Wavemaster, a subsidiary of SEGA. We will be heavily involved in creating game music and sound, but we are thinking of new challenges. Please keep your eyes on us. Thank you very much.

RocketBaby would like to thank Mr. Hataya for his taking time to do this interview. Special thanks to Miho Masuda, SEGA and Wave Master.

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