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Photo courtesy of Seed9
Gun Kim

Born: April 28, 1977 Seoul Korea
Hanyang University
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Food:
Biking, Sleeping
Influences: Richard Gariott -Programer of Ultima Online-
Favorite Music: Hiphop, Jazz, Soul
Favorite Movies:


Parallel World: The Story of Belial (Korea)

RocketBaby: How did you come up with the idea for Tomak?

Gun Kim: When I got the idea of Tomak, I was looking at one of our graphic designers and a plant on her desk. ^^;

RB: What are the most important characteristics a composer should have?

GK: Talent and effort.

RB: What kind of role does Tomak's music play in the game?

GK: Tomak is a love simulation game. I wanted the player to get into real feelings with Tomak.....For that, music is the most important part of the game.

RB: What were your instructions to Sueng Woo Han?

GK: Work hard. haha...just kidding...I am also a president of SEED9 and I believe in our team. Music is art and musician is the artist...what instruction? I don't know.....I am pretty sure he knows music alot more than I.

RB: What is your favorite tune that Sueng Woo Han composed?

GK: "A Song of Farewell," it's piano song. Lots of people like it.

RB: How close does Tomak's final product match your original concept?

GK: 80%.. but I am pretty satisfied with the final product......about the 20%....Don't worry about it....soon you will see the whole different aspect of Tomak...in different platforms and different stories.

RB: Will Tomak appear on any of the current game consoles?

GK: Yes, it's already in progress and....well I hope you guys in U.S. and other countries can experience our console version....actually mini-console. But that console is available only in Korea.....for now. Oh...also, it's not going to be the same game. Like I said, different platforms and different styles....and different genre.

RB: Any final thoughts?

GK: Thank you~ I wish Tomak could be published in U.S. and you guys can enjoy Tomak. Well...we are trying damn hard. ^^; Once again, Thanks.

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Translation by Ryan Kim (Seed9)

Thanks to Gun Kim for taking time to chat with us. Thanks to Seed9 and Ryan Kim.



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