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Photo courtesy of Daiki Kasho
Daiki Kasho

Born: November 2, 1976 Tokyo, Japan
Mid High School
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Music:
Songs that fits the scenery
Favorite Movie: THE EXORCIST
Favorite Book: Hokutonoken
Favorite TV: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Hobbies: Observing stray cats.
Studio Gear & Tools: Click here

Official website:

Credits: Gran Turismo 3, Phase Paradox, Omega Boost (SE editor)others

RocketBaby: At what age did you become interested in music?

Daiki Kasho: One day when I was eight, I saw my brothers Yngwie video (Alcatraz's
Hiroshima monaroom) and I thought this is it!

RB: How did you start at Polyphony Digital?

DK: I was invited to join SCE by a friend of mine. Although I quit the company before Gran Turismo 3's release I was still in charge of the game's sound.

RB: Tell us about your music for Gran Turismo 3?

DK: When I'm into the game I'm into the music by it's speed instead of the music itself. About my songs I've created it to be continuos to the engine's roar. I composed five original songs and one remix for Lenny Kravitz. Automobiles and anything that moves was an inspiration to my music!

RB: What were you like during your childhood?

DK: In the old days I was a maniac. Every day I would put my nose in to some kind of trouble.

"My favorite tune is "Obscure" because this rock song fits best for GT3."
-Daiki Kasho 12/2001

RB: Please describe your work on the following games:

Phase Paradox- I made the foot step SE and the BGM. But I had to get off being in charge of it cause I quit SCE, although I got to continue on Gran Turismo.

OMEGA BOOST- I edited the song song for the opening movie. My boss asked me to do it about a month after I entered SCE so I did it with my full force.

RB: What is Energy Motion?

DK: It's my album and it's an instrumental guitar album. But the backing tracks have kind of a techno feel.

RB: What is your process for creating music?

DK: I try to see things from the point of view of the consumers. I'm tripping like that until the game comes out. The song images I make do not appear from my instruments. I imagine everything totally then I dig in to that one flavor.

RB: What advice would you give to those who want to create game music?

DK: Enjoy it.

RB: Any Final Thoughts?

DK: I'm gonna try my best so give me a job (Smile)!

RocketBaby would like to thank Mr. Kasho for chatting with us.



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